Unhealthy use of medicines in Pakistan has been very high. People make a lot of self-medication. A major reason for this is poverty and lack of proper medical facilities. Sale of drugs without the physician’s prescription is prohibited in the developed countries but such practice is common in underdeveloped and developing countries. In the past few years, there is a huge increase in stomach diseases. Continue reading

September 25, 2018



Roses are considered very useful for the beauty of the face. It is not only useful for skin but also concerned for hair care. The ancient Egyptians Queen Cleopatra used rose water to maintain her charm and delicacy.  Rose water utility is equally popular throughout the world. The antioxidants present in rose water are helpful in much skin disease. It removes skin dryness and can be used as a moisturizer. It plays an important role in the growth of hair and to moisturize them. After the shampoo in hair, it acts as a conditioner. Continue reading

August 3, 2018


Some mental issues are found in women very much. We try to know the reasons behind this gender discrimination and we will also try to know how to control them.

If you are a female and suffering from unhappiness, depression and anxiety, there is no need to worry because as a large number of women are facing these disorders. “Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “says, Women are nearly twice as likely as men to get an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. Continue reading

June 30, 2018


Witch hazel contains tannins, a type of natural compound with astringent effects. By acting as an astringent, witch hazel helps to constrict the skin tissue. The pure, natural ingredients in the serum provide gentle, cooling relief from cuts and grazes, stings and skin irritations such as spots, chapped skin and nappy rash. It may be used as a natural remedy for psoriasis, eczema, aftershave applications, ingrown nails, to prevent sweating of the face, cracked or blistered skin and for treating insect bites. Continue reading

May 29, 2018


Fasting during Ramadan can improve one’s health, but only if done in the proper manner. But if done incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good. This Ramadan, we give you a wide range of nutrition tips to follow. Learn how you can eat healthy at Iftar and Suhour and ensure adequate nutrition and continued good health. Follow our tips to make a few lifestyle changes to get the best out of this Ramadan. Let this season be a time of revival in spirit, soul and body. A healthy Iftar goes hand in hand with the traditions: starting with 2 dates, then a glass of water or Dehi Lassi, and then start the meal with a warm bowl of soup, a salad. Of course, moderation is key to health!!!











Starting your Iftar meal with a warm soup comforts the stomach after a long day of fasting replenishes your body with fluids and helps prepare the digestive system for this blessed meal. A balanced main dish at Iftar should contain a source of carbohydrates like rice, pasta, potatoes as well as some form of protein like beef, chicken or fish, in addition to cooked vegetables.






Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the holy month of Ramadan. At least 8 glasses distributed in small quantities so not to feel bloated. To prevent getting thirsty during Ramadan, drink plenty of water, avoid foods that are too spicy or salty.

Some people tend to be more sedentary during the month of Ramadan. To burn extra calories, make sure to be active by at least going for a walk every day, 2 hours after having Iftar which allows you time to digest your meal.






Some people tend to eat more during Ramadan and this can lead to gaining weight. Eating a healthy Iftar, eating starters and sweets in moderation, choosing more fruits and vegetables, avoiding sweetened beverages, and being active every day will help you maintain your weight.







Suhour is a vital meal in Ramadan. It gives you strength and vitality for the day and can make fasting easier and tolerable. Make sure that this meal is rich in slowly absorbed Carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, rice and whole grain cereals that can help maintain your blood sugar levels. For plenty of vitamins and minerals vital to good health, make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during Ramadan, and to include a variety of vegetable in your soups! People who suffer from a headache or dizziness due to low blood sugar levels during the fasting period should break the fast at Iftar time by starting with 2-3 dates which will help replenish blood sugar levels. Eating your soup and salad slowly at Iftar will help you feel full and prevent you from overeating later from the main dish and sweets.

Delightful sweets in Ramadan are hard to resist. To avoid consuming too many calories, indulge and enjoy with your family the tasty and creative delights while making sure you always practice portion control and moderation!!! Choose dates, dried fruits and nuts as part of your diet during Ramadan. These provide healthy nutrients and are packed with energy, thus helping you keep your vitality during this month.  To make your dishes lighter during Ramadan, adopt healthy cooking methods such as grilling, boiling, simmering and roasting and add taste to the food with a wealth of vegetables, herbs and seasonings. Eating sweets immediately after Iftar will increase the size of your stomach and cause a delay in digestion. It will also cause a fluctuation in the blood glucose level, which will lead to you craving for more sweets. That’s why, it is recommended to have sweets in moderation 2-3 hours after Iftar. Planning your meals and Ramadan recipes ahead will help you be organized during this month, maximize your energy and strength and gives you ample time to choose a variety of foods and healthy recipes to delight and nourish the family. For balanced nutrition, try not to rely solely on Iftar to give you all your nutritional requirements. Continue reading

May 18, 2018


Gout is ancient disorder, the exact Aetiology of gout is not known till now, however, elevated level of uric acid is believed to be one of the big causes of gout. Gout is the most usual form of complex and inflammatory arthritis and is characterized by the sudden severe attack of pain, redness and tenderness in joints, swelling, the red or purple skin around the joint. Gout often affects the big toe but other joints including knees, ankles, elbows, thumbs or fingers may also be affected. Men are more liable get effected than women. Continue reading

May 12, 2018


The skin is the outermost part of our body. Its work is to protect the body from external effects.

Beautiful skin is the first image of beauty. Skin is directly affected by the fluctuation of temperature and changing weather. Summer is coming with heat, humidity, excess perspiration associated with many skin problems. Some common skin problems you face most in summer Continue reading

April 7, 2018


Endometriosis happens when tissue normally found inside the uterus grows in other parts of the body. It may attach to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the exterior of the uterus, the bowel, or other internal parts. As hormones change during the menstrual cycle, this tissue breaks down and may cause painful adhesions, or scar tissue. More than 5.5 million American women have symptoms of endometriosis. Continue reading

March 29, 2018


The human skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of human body

FUNCTIONS: Skin performs the following functions

Protection: An anatomical barrier from pathogens

Sensation: Contains a variety of nerve endings that react to heat and cold, touch, pressure, vibration, and tissue injury

Water resistance: The skin acts as a water resistant barrier so essential nutrients aren’t washed out of the body

SKIN LAYERS: Skin is composed of three primary layers Continue reading

March 22, 2018